Davis Racing Dragons


DRD's mission is to create a fun, welcoming community of college paddlers through teamwork and striving for competitive excellence on the water.

Our Story

Davis Racing Dragons was established in 2004 by a couple of Aggies who were enthusiastic about paddling. As a student-run, collegiate sports club, we represent UC Davis in the world of dragon boat. We race alongside other renowned college teams like UCLA, Cal, and UC Irvine. No matter how old you are, what major you're studying, or how much athletic experience you have, Davis Racing Dragons is a community that will foster a warm, welcoming environment for you! Many of our paddlers have experienced growing both as an individual and as part of a tight-knit team. As we like to say, come for the sport, stay for the family.

What is Dragonboat?

Originating from China, this sport and festival has been a tradition for over 2000 years. Today, this is a popular sport enjoyed by many across globe with festivals happening year round. In a typical dragonboat, there are 10 rows with about 18 to 20 paddlers per crew. Some boats can be 20 rows long!! The boat is narrow and long to maintain efficiency and speed. At the front of the boat there is drummer and in the back there is a steersperson. "The boat is completely man-powered (that's where the work kicks in), and each row has a left-side and right-side paddler." (Local DavisWiki)

No Experience? No Problem!

Even if you are not an experienced paddler, our team will bring you up to speed on paddling technique and learning various workout routines. Unlike classes, there are NO pre-requisites needed to join. All you need is consistency, effort, and dedication!


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